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The usual 'first fish' for a new fish-keeper is the goldfish. Unfortunately this is often the 'first mistake' as well. There are a number of cold water fish much more suited to aquarium life and easier to care for than the goldfish.

Whats wrong with Goldfish?
Goldfish, contrary to mainstream belief are not at all suited to small aquaria - they grow too large (35cm 14"), they are boisterous, messy feeders and will eat plants. How about the fancy varieties? Well, these deformed fish come with a whole host of problems and most end up floating/sinking with swim-bladder difficulties or damaging themselves by getting stuck/scraped/torn on benign aquarium objects .
Coldwater tanks All is not lost however; the conditions in suitable unheated aquaria are perfect for a whole host of fish that are easily to keep. Firstly, lets define 'suitable aquaria' - anything less than 15litres capacity (30x23x23cm 12x9x9") is best used as a vase, to collect drips from leaky roofs, or left to the experts. Very few fish can be properly kept in an enclosure this small without considerable knowledge of water quality and a good idea of the fish's natural environment. An aquarium measuring 60cm (2 foot) would be a better starting point and will cost little more than an aquarium half the size. Filtration is also an absolute must; no fish can be kept properly without a good stress-free waste removal system .

What we stock for cold water tanks .
These temperate fish come from areas in nature that are either sub-tropical or experience fluctuating temperatures throughout the year such as high altitude streams or waterways fed by meltwater. The fluctuating conditions in these areas have caused the fish to develop a tolerant and hardy nature, making them ideal fish for smaller aquaria or for new fish-keepers .

White Cloud Minnows and Danios
The smallest of the common temperate fish are the popular white-cloud mountain minnows Tanichthys albonubes and the zebra or leopard danios Brachydanio rerio both these fish are hardy shoaling species and should be kept in groups of six or more. These two fish will constantly zoom around the aquarium so are best given plenty of open swimming space with hiding spots in plants and decor around the edges of the aquarium. Because they are so active they are best kept with other active fish that will not become stressed by constant movement.

For the lower reaches of the aquarium, the popular Bronze, Peppered and Albino Corydoras sp. are well suited to cooler waters providing the substrate has no sharp or jagged elements. These fish are best kept in groups and they will require their own food source from sinking pellets or frozen/live foods. The Port-Hoplo Catfish Megalechis thoracata, syn: Hoplosternum thoracatum can also be kept in temperate conditions and there are few fish with as much character as this one. Because the fish has very bad eyesight and depends on its other senses to find food it will simply charge around the aquarium investigating everything it finds, often in a comical manner. These active catfish can reach 15cm (6") so a larger tank is essential .

Name: Rosy barb (Pethia conchonius)
Size: 5cm/2".
Ideal tank size: 90cm/3’+.

Temperature and pH: 18-22°C/64-72°F, pH 6-8.
Notes: A much better choice than Common goldfish for aquaria, yet similar in shape and colour. They’re easy to keep and breed.

Name: Leopard danio (Danio rerio, var.)

Size: 4cm/1.6”.
Ideal tank size: 60cm/2’+.
Temperature and pH: 18-24°C/64-75°F, pH 6-8.
Notes: Many abuse this perfect temperate fish by placing them in new nitrite-filled tanks. These will thrive in large mature homes.

Name: Peppered Corydoras (Corydoras paleatus).

Size: 5cm/2”.
Ideal tank size: 60cm/2’+.
Temperature and pH: 18-24°C/64-75°F, pH 6-7.5.
Notes: A cheaper and easier alternative to Scleromystax barbatus, this is another temperate ”Corydoras

Name: Hi-fin calico variatus platy (Xiphophorus variatus).

Size: 5cm/2”.
Ideal tank size: 75cm/30”+.
Temperature and pH: 15-28°C/59-82°F, pH 7-8.5.
Notes: This perfect temperate fish eats some algae too. It’s an easy-to-keep livebearer.

This is one of our customers temperate tanks. Lizzy has only been keeping fish for a short time, but as you can see her tank is stunning

Tank: 80cmx30cmx35cm 85L with led lighting and filter .
Substrate: Dennerle micro gravel 20kg.
Fish : 10 White Cloud Minnows , 6 Cherry Barbs , 3 Amamo Shrimp and 4 Cherry Barbs.
Feeding : JBL granomix once a day and frozen Brineshrimp as a treat .
Live Plants: Vallis , Amazon Swords , Jave Fern and Aponogeton longiplumvosis.
Care: 25% water change every two weeks and the plants are fed with JBL Ferropol .
Glass cleaned inside and out weekly .
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